We're moving to a Much Bigger Location! We have big plans in the coming years including new varieties, live plants, and tubers. Until then, ordering has been paused.
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    Non GMO Seeds - Open Pollinated, Heirloom, and Heritage Seeds

    Growing Naturally Produced, Non-GMO Seeds Helps to Encourage Genetic Diversity
    Amkha Seed will never sell any GMO seeds or any other genetically modified organism. GMO seeds are not hybrids. They are an entirely different animal (sometimes literally). Unlike hybridizing and selecting beneficial genes over time, GMOs actually insert genes from totally unrelated organisms or otherwise alter the genes to achieve some desired outcome. The majority of GMOs used in agriculture are modified to be resistant to chemical herbicides or pesticides, making mass production more profitable. They can spray chemicals on their crops without damaging the modified plants, to maximize yields and reduce other inputs. However, these freaks of nature hold numerous untold dangers. We won’t detail all them here, but to summarize, GMO’s threaten genetic diversity and by extension our long term food supply (not to mention their unknown health effects). If you buy non-GMO seeds from Amkha Seed, you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality seeds available. For more information click here.
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