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    Seed Protection and Preservation

     Generally speaking, most seeds should be planted as soon as the conditions are suitable. The best way to preserve the valuable genetics found in seeds, is to grow them and save the seeds for successive generations. But there are situations where this isn't always possible or desired, and sometimes seeds need to be stored.

    All seeds slowly lose viability as they age, some much faster than others. Some seeds last for little more than one season. Others can be stored for decades, even centuries by some accounts. While there are still many aspects of seed biology affecting storage that are not well understood by science, we know that environmental conditions greatly affect seed viability in storage. Factors such as moisture content, temperature, and UV light exposure can greatly reduce the length of time seeds can be safely stored.

     Properly packaged and stored in a dry cool environment (about 40F), many seeds will store for years and maintain a reasonable germination rate. We offer an option for those of us who want to save seeds for multiple seasons, or just like to know we have what we need when we want it. Whether you're tired of wasting excess seeds or preparing for crop failures, famines, shortages, or some other scenario preventing access to viable genetic plant material (seeds), it's nice to know that your covered. 

     Provided seeds have an acceptable moisture content to begin with, suitable storage options can typically be found around the house (i.e. mason jar). While some of these options may provide an adequate solution, in ways they are not ideal. One major drawback, is the inability to select individual seeds or packets without breaking the seal of the whole container. Any moisture in the container, which can be somewhat difficult to control due to the larger air volume and porous paper seed packets, can later condense causing obvious issues. Allowing the container to reach room temperature before opening, will minimize condensation, but creates unnecessary temperature shocks for the seeds along for the ride.

     We offer a packaging option that is convenient, compact, easy to keep organized, and re-usable. More importantly, it provides the right conditions for extending viability in storage. It's important to note that not all seeds store well, even under ideal conditions. And although we may provide estimated recommended storage times for some seeds, we cannot provide any guarantees longer than 30 days (read more).

     Select regular packaging if you'll be planting your seeds this season. Your seeds will arrive in a re-sealable paper seed envelope ready to sow. This option saves money and is less to throw away.

     If you select the protective (re-sealable) packaging option, your seeds will be packed in a heat sealed, reusable five mil. (heavy duty) foil lined bag (w/ desiccant for certain varieties). We offer over 1000 different seed varieties with protective (re-sealable) packaging, allowing you to customize the species and varieties best suited for your purposes and local conditions. Choose this option if you plan to store your seeds for more than one season.

     Either way, you'll receive the highest quality seeds available. If you have any questions, contact us.