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    Tyler Windes

    Founder and CEO


    Tyler Windes | Founder and CEO | Amkha Seed


    Tyler left his marketing career in early 2016 to pursue his passion, preserving the genetic diversity of plants. As an seasoned gardener and plant breeder Tyler brings a unique vision, knowledge, and ingenuity to our team. He has a deep-seeded passion for and fiercely promotes using only natural methods to help ensure a sustainable future. His unique vision and quest for solutions underpins Amkha Seed's mission and philosophy.



    Cassidy Windes

    Operations Manager


    Cassidy Windes | Operations Manager | Amkha Seed


    Cassidy brings outstanding customer service and organizational skills that she's developed during her years as an assistant retail manger, and is dedicated to helping to maintain biodiversity. Aside from keeping the wheels moving, she also spearheads our community outreach programs.