We're moving to a Much Bigger Location! We have big plans in the coming years including new varieties, live plants, and tubers. Until then, ordering has been paused.
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    Herbs and Spices

    Eating fresh and flavorful food can help to create a healthier and more sustainable future for you and your family. We offer a wide range of varieties specifically selected for small space growers. Many people are surprised to find that many excellent open pollinated varieties exist that often put comparable hybrids to shame.

    One of the keys to being successful in smaller spaces, is to understand that the careful use of the available spacing is everything. It's often temping to fit a few more plants into a container. But odds are overall yield will suffer and the plant will be more prone to disease. By using and fine tuning sustainable methods such as intercropping and crop rotation, you can create a viable food source with limited space.

    Part of maximizing the use of your space, is knowing what to grow. Amkha Seed has a large selection of unban garden seeds and seed collections. No matter what city you live in, we have varieties suited to your growing conditions.

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