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    [awm-kah] ; /äm, kə / 

    noun: Amkha

    1. Translated from Quechua (an ancient Andean language); a reference to wild or semi-wild potato species, predating cultivated potatoes.
    synonyms: wild potato, papa

    2. A sustainable agricultural model based on principles and methods focused on preserving genetic diversity, illuminating the dangers posed by industrial agriculture, and providing sustainable solutions. 
    synonyms: agro-independence, bio-revolution (not really, but maybe someday)


    Amkha Seed is an independently owned and operated seed company located in Westminster, Colorado. We're breeders and growers intent on creating awareness and promoting a different way to think about agriculture and sustainability. We like to think of ourselves as seed renegades. We respect and diligently abide by all the laws, regulations, and proven methods, yet distance ourselves from many of the industries dated and limiting norms. We specialize in underutilized and underappreciated food and utility crops originating from all over the world, or forgotten domestically. We also offer a wide range of open-pollinated and heirloom varieties specifically selected for their value in terms of adaptability, pest resistance, overall utility, yield, as well as various other desirable traits. 

    We're currently breeding five different important crop species, as well as propagating root-stock and tubers (available 2018) for many worthy, yet underappreciated species. We aim to develop a number of unrestricted varieties requiring little to no inputs suitable for sustainable systems. In addition, we offer various OSSI pledged varieties released by other breeders that are not always available via traditional channels. But we're realists. And realistically, for any new variety to make any real impact, it must also be something consumers want. So we select some varieties for desirable more marketable traits as well.

    The truth is that developing a new variety requires a great deal of time and resources. And the vast majority will never make it to the grocery store. Farmers will only grow what they can sell. And seed companies are usually hesitant to get on board due largely to lack of marketing potential, costly and restrictive contracts, and the extensive resources involved to ensure compliance with the ever changing regulations surrounding many of the species we've chosen to offer. Simply put, we don't care much for these barriers. And we're willing and able to legally provide these types of seeds to our customers growing in unrestricted regions. We're not interested in exclusive contracts or designer varieties. We're convinced people want sustainable options. So we founded Amkha Seed as marketplace allowing like-minded breeders and growers access to these important varieties. 

    Many excellent seed companies exist. Some doing really great work. Each with their own focus and vision. Our focus and vision are simple. Ensuring that sustainable crops are preserved for future generations, and to create an unrestricted marketplace for invaluable plant species. Though we hesitate to use the word "rare", many seeds we offer are relatively scarce or hard to find in the US. Some of these misunderstood plants are widely cultivated around the world. However, most of us in the US have simply not been exposed to, or are not aware of the potential benefits many of these plants may offer.

    We have a great deal of pride in what we're doing here. And we make every conceivable effort to ensure that we offer only the highest quality seeds, the most accurate information, and the best possible customer service. We always aim to surpass industry standards and our customer's expectations. Our passion for these seeds is why we started Amkha Seed. Preserving these plants, creating awareness, and fostering an ideology based on sustainability and permaculture is a monumental task that requires a collective effort.

    Please join us, and always feel free to contact us with questions or comments.

    - Amkha Seed