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    Mentha Piperita (peppermint) has been cultivated for centuries for it wide range of uses.Though most are familiar with it's "cooling" flavor, Menthapiperita also contains many compounds that have been used to treat a variety of ailments, and has documented modern medicinal uses. Once established, mint is easy to grow indoors or out. In fact, it can become invasive if not managed. Which is why you may consider planting in pots. Typically, Mentha piperita grows up to 24 inches tall, with an aggressive spreading habit. This versatile herb's fragrance is a fresh addition to any garden space.

    Habit/Size spreading
    Days To Maturity 70-75 DTM
    Requirements full sun
    Zones USDA 4-9
    Life Cycle annual/perennial
    Uses edible*(leaves), herb/spice, medicinal*, utility (repellent)
    Notes aggressive spreading habit
    Breed Status open pollinated

    *Always consult a medical professional before consuming any plants, including plants labeled "edible" or "medicinal". Click here for more information.

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    Original Image by Forest and Kim Starr Some rights reserved.