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    This is genetically diverse breeding stock. Every seed contains a new variety, never grown before (for better or worse). Variable traits should be expected. This population tends to produce vigorous plants with blue, red, or white tubers in variable shapes and sizes. While some plants may yield excellent tasting tubers, others may contain high levels of solanine and are not generally recommended for consumption.

    These seeds have been dried to a low moisture content optimal for storage. Germination times may be slightly longer and more variable, taking up to a few weeks. After sowing, keep seeds moist until germination. The majority will germinate given the right conditions. Keep seeds moist until germination.

    Germination Sow potato seeds indoors 4-6 weeks before expected last frost. Transplant when risk of frost has passed. Sow seeds just under soil surface and keep moist. Variable and inconsistent germination should be expected and can take up to 3-4 weeks.
    Life Cycle annual/perennial
    Antagonists cucumbers, sunflowers, tomatoes
    Uses edible*(tubers), utility (alcohol, antimicrobial, biomass, starch)
    Notes This is genetically diverse breeding stock that will display variable desirable and undesirable traits.
    Breed Status OSSI Pledged Variety Bred By Bill Whitson

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    *Always consult a medical professional before consuming any plants, including plants labeled "edible" or "medicinal". Click here for more information.

    Purchasers are responsible for understanding and complying with all local laws, restrictions, and regulations. For more information and a list of restricted plants and seeds, please visit the USDA's composite list of Federal and State noxious weeds. The extent Amkha Seed LLC can be held liable for damages is limited to replacement of the item, or a refund of the purchase price (within 30 days of purchase). Click here for more information.

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