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    Growing Guides — organic gardening

    Composting Basics

    Compost bin
    There are very few logical reasons why anyone with a backyard or garden shouldn't be composting. In addition to promoting a more bountiful and healthier harvest, the process also helps prevent the propagation of landfills, which are systematically destroying many of Earth's natural ecosystems. Biodegradable waste typically makes up 30% of a household's outgoing garbage. Simple re-appropriation cuts down food expenses, as well as garden and lawn maintenance costs.

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    Growing Tomatoes, The Basics

    Sub Arctic Plenty
    Growing tomatoes is a great way to learn new concepts for beginning gardeners, as well as offering new challenges for experienced growers. Assuming you have the right growing conditions, they CAN be fairly easily grown by following a few basic guidelines. The rest is up to trial and error, and what I describe as an 'understanding' that can only be developed through experience. The tips offered below provide a solid starting point from which to build upon through trial and observation.

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